We Love Dates

•Multiple Nutrients • Fiber Rich • Improve Heart Health • Source of Potassium • Rich in Copper • Control Regular Cholesterol • Boost Brain & Bone Health • Provides Satiety • Healthy Snack • Energy Powerhouse • Regulates Blood Pressure • Combats Arteriosclerosis • Anti-oxidant Properties • Cancer Fighting Properties • Prevent Heart Disease • Enhance Sexual Health • Prevent Night Blindness • Help Chronic Diarrhea • Prevent Hair Loss • Support Health Pregnancy • Promote Muscle Development • Help Reduce Belly Fat

Dates, despite being very sweet, have a high nutritional value. They are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamin B complex. They are made up of about 70% carbohydrates (equal ratios of glucose and fructose) and contain calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Recently there has been increased interest in the health promoting properties of dates. Pharmacological studies have shown that dates are highly nourishing and may have numerous potential health benefits. They are believed to contain phytochemicals that may help to low cholesterol and decrease risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

The sweetness of dates is a great accompaniment to many different savory dishes, including cheese, meat and vegetable courses. They also make a great dessert option on their own. Throughout history and in many parts of the world, dates are considered an affordable source of nutrition, comparable to rice, wheat and potatoes. Because they are dried, easily preserved and easily transportable they have an extended shelf life, which is ideal for long periods of travel.