“WAFIA DATES”, from the family of VALMAX TRADING CO., who run in Dates industry in Middle East last 10 Years. We are in Agriculture, specialized in growing, cultivating, packing, and exporting the finest and first class quality of Dates. Starting with a splendid history, our beginnings in the 2007’s was with Saudi Farms Dates distribution. Now we are started our own Production, Processing, Packaging and Exporting to regional and international markets.
WAFIA DATES helps you lead a healthy, active lifestyle and provide essential nutrients all while you enjoy our products. We are Producing/Sourcing and Packing Various Types, Safawi Dates, Mabroom Dates, Khudri Dates, Saghai Dates, Ajwa Dates, Sukkari Dates, Medjoul Jordan Dates, Masafati Dates, Sayer Dates, Zahedi Dates, Pairom Dates, Rabia Dates, Lulu Dates, Fardh Dates, Deglet Nour Dates, Kenezi Dates, Sufri Dates, Khalas Dates and much more…
This prestigious “WAFIA” Products marketing in Qatar by VALMAX TRADING Co., and its available all leading malls and retail stores. More over its spreaded to, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Indian Markets. Its Packing in Different fully automated hygiene Packing Units, Qatar, Kuwait & India.


WAFIA DATES and all our other products are “Healthy Friendly Products” its an inspiration for to make healthiest new generation peoples in the Society to build healthiest atmosphere.


To introduce WAFIA DATES in many unseen ways to cope up with the fast changing lives and to be accepted worldwide as a high-end premium product favored globally and WAFAI DATES to makes as Best Dates Brand available in internationally accepted.

Social Responsibility

WAFIA DATES have a great idea that will help children from under privileged background to bring front to improve their Educational leval & Health wellness programs across the possible areas.


Date trees history goes back to the ancient dwellers of North Africa, South East Asia and Middle East regions, where dates were considered to be an essential part of the Middle Eastern culinary and Islamic culture. In the Middle East, dates are considered to be a major part of the heritage; they were consumed daily especially in the Gulf region and Arabian Peninsula for over centuries. Dates are still consumed on a daily basis due to its high nutritional value and as an instant source of boosted energy. Dates are considered a very important food because they can be stored in the deserts ambient temperature throughout the year and does not deteriorate nor lose its nutrients. When Bedouins consumed dates, it kept them going for hours during the hard working days.